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we are girlsonpress, a printing studio based in Luxembourg.
We do letterpress and write stories. 

Late 2017, we had the idea of re-introducing the old "Heidelberger Tiegel", which had become a hallway exhibition piece, into the modern age by printing a Christmas card. That idea of producing handcrafted, modern products with a historic printing press and timeless techniques excites us ever since. It turned into an unpredictable but ongoing story. 

For us, there is a story behind every project. Whether it’s invitations, art prints, greeting and business cards or whatever you feel creating, there is always something worth sharing with the world. 

In addition, the letterpress printing method not only gives an added value to the printing goods, it brings back sincerity and authenticity to projects in this sometimes complicated and digitalized world. 

Are you seeking to tell a unique story with a true quality experience? Then we are on the same page. 

*means Hello, bonjour, Hallo, Hola, Bom dia, Ciao

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